A fascination for a movement we all share and often take for granted is the starting point for the performance EXHALE, which is at the intersection of visual arts, electronic soundscape and contemporary dance.

The performance begins with two performers crossing a grey fabric that slowly fills with air. Eventually they disappear in the folds of what will later become a 12 x 18 meter inflatable bubble and the audience is invited inside.

A dancer and a musician communicate with a room in constant transformation. Text fragments about planets and molecules, breath of plants and blood remind us of the origin of life and its uncertain future in the anthropocene. Also the audience is being moved and reoriented in the space. How is your breath? How many more out-breaths to go?

Per Martinsen - music and performance / Lawrence Malstaf - installation, light and performance / Liv Hanne Haugen - dance, song and text / Vibeke Thorp - text / Margunn Kilde - artistic advice / Anne Katrine Haugen - producer, artistic advice

Supported by: Norwegian Cultural Council, Fund for Sound and Picture and Music Funds Production support: Dansearena nord