(Performance, 20 minutes)
In an arena of about 6 by 10 m the artist puts in motion a number of spinning tops. He attempts to drive them as a flock or let theminteract as a self organising system. They move in impredictable ways, sometimes carefull and hesitating, sometimes aggresive and determined. With simple props like a stick or a coffee cup the spinning tops become touching characters governed by doubt and other emothions rather than objective physical laws.

In 2017 The installation was updated and adapted as a scenography for 'Nachtelijk Symposium, a theatre production by KVS (Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg, Brussels) and directed by Mesut Arslan.

In 2017 I also developped a prototype of an electric spinning top with integrated motor so the installation could live autonomously in an exhibition context. Work in progress