Nevel x 4

Just installed NEVEL x 4 (adapted version of the older work with 9 larger walls) at Hamsunsenter in Norway, opening on saturday in the spectacular museum designed by Steven Holl. 

Jezus! 18 years after the first version of 2004 I'm still trying to improve bugs and weaknesses. Why didnt I become a painter? But's magical when it finally works. Thanks to @tinkartank, @ Milhalystafanovicz and @mari_b0 




PLEXUS, permanent instalallation at Hamsunsenteret, Norway, opening next saturday. Added some safety wires and made other technical improvements. A lot of work that nobody will notice unless it was not done. Thanks to Mihaly Stefanovicz  for defying vertigo and gravity on various shaky scaffoldings. 



What to do when suddenly surrounded by chaos and no fxxxing switch to turn it of? Observatorium @ Safranumérique in Amiens, opening tonight. 


Simpler times

Shrink wrapping in our backyard, 2 years ago, in simpler times. Thanks to Jet Pascua for filming


Boreas back in Bruges

14 years later, an update of this installation, once made for Muziekteater LOD, was back on the enormous stage of Concertgebouw Brugge during SLOW 36h. Well only 24 of the 64 sticks so far. still looking for another mecenas to finnish the rest. Thanks to @tinkartankt for making new drivers to control each stick individually, to Concertgebouw for coproducing and the fantastic musicians of Taurus quartet, Keiko Shichijo and Organo. It was an honouir to aaccompany them live with my nearly silent instrument. (Music in video performed by Taurus quartet)


Nevel @ New Religion

New Religion (Dance performance by Mathilde Caeyers) with good old 'Nevel', tonight at Nordlysfestival, Hålogaland teater, Tromsø. 


PLEXUS install

Finally installed Plexus at Hamsunsenteret. Now testing, solving bugs and hope it survives the next 10 years.


2000 Pixels

Do you want to give a nearly plastic free Christmas gift? Send a portrait photo. 500 stripes or 2000 dots. 




Do you want to give a plastic free Christmas gift? Engraved portraits in solid Norwegian oak  30 x 30 x 4 cm


Winter in the studio

Getting better at designing with renewable materials but electronics are still hard to replace. Great help from super assistant Mihaly Stefanowicz. Too bad Eylul Kusat has finished her internship in the meantime. Tx and good luck!


Orbit 02002 at Lightenupnorth

What we know is surrounded by what we doubt, and beyond that lays the infinite unknown


Boreas update in progress

Today my daughter Isadora helped me out in the studio, revamping an old installation that has her exact same age. 'Boreas' should be ready for exhibition at Concertgebouw in Brugge in February . Check out the nice PCB by Tinkartank at the end!


Conversations @ Chengdu

I made Conversations back in 2012 for a play called Alexander (Hålogaland teater, directed by Jon Tombre), But it has been travelling quite a bit ever since. If I would be smart I would make more of these simple and fun projects,  light and compact in transport, easy to adapt in size  too.  Anyway this time the chairs are on their way to ZHI Art Museum in Chengdu for an exhibition called YI - A Chair.  I made an elaborate install manual so I don't need to travel. 


Time machine

Last night I made a time machine. It allows to travel instantly to any place in time, and to change the past.


NR Premiere!

Last Monday première of New Religion with a new and hopefully bulletproof version of the Nevel installation.  Great choreography by Mathilde Caeyers.


Sara open!

Yes, the exhibition on Sara Fabricius finally opened after being pandemically postponed 50 times. The third floor, the archive, will open later though, somewhere in Autumn. Come & see: Perspektivet museum, Tromsø.


Sand sculpture

I made this cast of a crying child 2 years a ago for 'Dette Barnet', a play  where the actors were making heads in sand live on stage (Det Norske Teatret, directed by Jon Tombre). But this particular cast was too complex. Happy it found it's use in this exhibition about Sara Fabricius at Perspektivet museum. 


April in the studio

New coffee machine and a physicist point of view: 'The future behaves exactly like the past'. Messing around with spring steel structures for a large scale project at Hamsunsenter on Hamarøy, Norway.



Shrink rehearsal with super assistant Mari Bø. 

Good intentions: trying to develop a carbon neutral art practice with renewable and lightweight materials. Just read PVC is terrible, but at the same time it's  made of 58% rock salt and can be recylced 8 times, which is more than many other plastics. Is that enough? So much to learn.


Nevel update

Working with Gabor and Mari on the total makeover of Nevel. New mechanics, new electronics,  no more wireless interference traumas and exploding batteries this time. The installation will be used in 'New Religion', a new choreography by Mathilde Caeyers.


SULT animation short

Installation and exhibition design for Hamsunsenter in Norway based on the SULT novel by Knut Hamsun. Prototyping in 2021, installation on site in 2022.


Pavilion @ Scopitone 2019

Charly Alfred sent me this video of one of my Pavilion sails at Scopitone in Nantes in 2019. Thanx Alfred. And yes Pavilion was made long before mister Forsythes black flags :-)


Sara January

Fine tuning at the Cora Sandel / Sara Fabricius  exhibition. Yet no opening in sight.


Nevel + model

New version of the old 'NEVEL' installation 02004 in the making for 'New Religion', a dance performance by Mathilde Caeyers, première in June 2021.


NIMROD work in progress

Just read that all human activities including all industries put together consume about 500 exo-joules annually. The equivalent to the amount of energy earth perceives from the sun in just 90 minutes!


2021 week1

New year, new lock down, new president, new light in my office.

As Mister Weinberger puts it in 'EVERYDAY CHAOS': 'We need to give up on our insistence of always understanding our world and how things happen in it. We humans have long been under the impression that if we can understand the immutable laws of how things happen, we will be able to perfectly predict, plan for and manage the future. Yet we live in a universe where EVERYHING INFLUENCES EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME, AT ONCE.


The eternal amateur

I love trying new things, but it involves a ridiculous amount of failure. It's terribly inefficient to make this kind of art.



Sara still in progress

Work in progress for the Cora Sandel / Sara Fabricius exhibition at Perspektivet Museum, Tromsø. A series of still life compositions integrated in he authentic furniture and objects of this fascinating Norwegian writer/painter.


Merzbau @ Waterfront

Last week at Tromsø Waterfront Laboratory in Tromsø: Merzbau, a collective construction by the audience made of dried Heracleum Persicum stems.