A matrix of nine pivoting walls forms a labyrinth whose architecture continuously changes. A sequence of different compositions creates choreography of spaces flowing into one another. It is an auto choreographic space to wander and get lost in, like in a mutating city, to linger and surrender to the disorientation. (sound by Christoph De Boeck)

NEVEL 02004 at Les Bains::Connective, Brussels (BE)
Nevel 02004, stage version for 'Betrayal' at Toneelhuis, Antwerp (BE)

In 2021 Nevel was updated and adapted as a scenography for 'New Religion' , a choreography by Mathilde Caeyers. 

Nevel 02004 at VIA Festival Maubeuge (FR)
Nevel 02004 at TESLA, Podewil Palace, Berlin (DE)
Nevel 02004, build up at Le Tetris, Le Havre (FR)