Seagull Fountain / Kittiwake hotel


Kittiwakes are a type of seagulls that are threatened with extinction due to climate change. They used to live in enormous colonies on islands far out in the arctic ocean. Recently the remaining birds are migrating to arctic cities like Tromsø in the north of Norway.

In the past 3 years the art museum, has been invaded by an ever growing colony of kittiwakes. As a form of interspecies activism the birds took over the whole building with enormous noise, making hundreds of nests on window sills and ledges and spreading an intense smell. This resulted in an equally loud outcry of the people living and working in this otherwise peaceful town. 

In collaboration with  researchers we designed 3 light and mobile tripod structures with sculptural nesting modules on top and placed them right next to the facade. Once the birds started to make nests in their new hotels we moved them carefully away from the building, in small steps, a couple of meters per week.  95% of the colony followed and the local humans were happy too. The birds now attract many visitors and photographers. We are now in the second season and have arrived  about 100 m further down the museum park. Here we will install 2 larger and permanent tripods that will hopefully welcome 2000 kittiwakes from several other buildings in the area.

Work in progress winter 2022

Test assembly of the first tripod

A new version for the second season with recycled facade panels of an old office building.


This picture is taken during  spring 2023 where he tripods have been moved carefully and in small steps around 20m away from their first position that was right up against the facade of the museum. 


Nearly fully booked!